Public art in Sk├Ândal, Sweden

Acoustic mirror, megaphone, mosaic, sitting stone


Love Enqvist concrete sound mirror sculptureLove Enqvist concrete sound mirror sculpture

Chinese Whispers

A site specific public sculpture/ audio window with an analog surround sound connecting the surruounding nature with a new residential area near Stockholm. A place for meditation, play and a visual marker.The accoustic mirror in concrete reflects the sounds from the woods to a focal point where a sitting stone is placed. A place for meditation in nature focusing on the sounds coming from the east. A place for individual reflexion, where sound impressions are processed in the brain and transformed into emotions, memories and instincts.The idea stems from experiments during the 1920ies along the British Coast to detect aeroplanes before the radar was invented.On the other side of the mirror there is a megaphone and mirror mosaic where people can shout out the message from the woods as a sort of translation chain from east to west, nature to culture. A natures speakers corner.