In Love Enqvist’s work, there is a concern with how we stand in relation to one another, how relation is constantly in flux determines community and how individuality is inextricably bound to relation.His projects draw upon the process of living and the condition of life; looking at spaces of resistance.There is a concern with representation, and ideas on how to live together; ideas and individuals whose stories haunts our present; social and spacial change and what is inscribed in the collective history and memory.

As everyday observations form a starting point, the context directs, positions and forms the work. Diggers and Dreamers draws upon a myriad of utopian visions which are expressed through architecture, community and personal reflections. Using film, performance, sound, photography and objects, his work occupies a place that is pervaded by a sense of elusiveness, a search for something that exists as much in the imagination as anywhere else.

In The Cooperative Human we look back at the past looking forward in order to get a vision of the future seeking an expression for the commons

Diggers and Dreamers draws upon a myriad of utopian visions where the notion of a social document is transformed to re-present a heterogeneous relationship to language and meaning.

The expanded film essay Magellania, explores the lapse between image and language. Through processes of mediation, translation and abstraction, and a series of workshops, the initial materials are being re-read, and given the components of props, sound score and performance.

The journey to and from the everyday becomes a constant theme. The body moves and the journey’s end is undefined, unfinished even. Here the works occupy a site of physicality, a way of residing in the world that implies borders and confines, yet also the freedom of humanity.

Love Enqvist has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, such as the biennials in Istanbul and Gothenburg and Living. Louisiana Art Museum. (Denmark) 2011. In 2015 he was a resident of Gasworks (London) and in 2017 he won the Celeste award for the best film. He is also founder of the project space Studio Giardini in Venice (Italy).Love Enqvist was born in Sweden and works in Stockholm, Venice and Berlin.

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Konstnären Love Enqvist är intresserad av utopiska idéer kring hur vi skulle kunna leva och förhålla oss till varandra. I mycket av Love Enqvists arbete läggs stor vikt vid människors relationer och hur sociala strukturer är i ständig förändring liksom samhället i stort. Love Enqvist arbetar med essäfilm, fotografi, skulptur och performance.



2018"the cooperative human". Nacka konsthall. Sweden
2015"Uncivilisation". Die Raum. Berlin. Germany
2015"Imaginary Gardens". Varbergs Konsthall. Sweden
2015Acme Project Space. London.UK
2010"A moment of innocence". Rogaland Kunstsenter. Stavanger. Norway
2007Diggers and Dreamers. Uppsala Art Museum. Uppsala.Sweden
2005"EARTH.Two collections.Two stories". Mejan Gallery. Stockholm. Sweden
2004"Echoes never stop". Mejan Gallery. Stockholm. Sweden
2003"Stockholm-Istanbul".part1,2. Maritime Museum. Stockholm. Sweden
2002"sensing,surfing,surface". Kuvataide gallery. Helsinki. Finland


2018Yamakiwa Gallery.Niigata. Japan
2018Art Rooms, Diorama arts centre. London.Uk
2017Celeste Art Prize. Bargehouse, OXO tower.London.UK
2016Hunger for Pictures/ Magellania. Index-The Swedish Contemorary Art Foundation.
2015Entry prohibited to foreigners. Havremagasinet Konsthall. Boden. Sweden
2015Lectureperformance. Färgfabriken/ Maretopia. Sweden
2015Skogen, Gothenburg. Sweden
201237 Places. Valsverket Wij Gardens. Ockelbo. Sweden
2011LIVING. Louisiana Art Museum. Humlebaek. Denmark
2011A Functional Dreamworld. Art Cube. Jerusalem. Israel
2010The Imaginarium. A theater for constructed ecologies. Berlin. Germany
2010Hypernatural. Stilwerk. Berlin. Germany
2010Radical Adults. The forgotten bar project. Berlin. Germany
2009Göteborg International Biennial-What a wonderful world.Sweden
2009Fotografi:Nu 09. Photo Biennial. Stockholm and Brussels
2009Labyrint 09.Writings and observations. Botkyrka Konsthall. Sweden
2009Anti realism 2-3. Gallery Adéle-C. Rome. Italy and Besancon. France
2008"Tell a Friend". Bonniers Konsthall. Stockholm. Sweden
2007"Overheard".Gallery Box. Gothenburg. Sweden
2007Navinki festival. Minsk. Bellarussia
2006Graduate show."Frodo" Royal College of Art. Stockholm.Sweden
2006"Goods to declare"." Henry Soludde" . Tel Aviv.Israel
2005Performance."Marine Aquarelle". Wetterling Gallery. Stockholm. Sweden
2005Performance. La-bás. Helsinki. Finland
2004Liverpool Biennial. Magnetic North. UK
2004Rundgang. Staedelschule. Frankfurt. Germany
2003Leena Kuomola gallery. Helsinki. Finland
2003"Stockholm-Istanbul."within the frame of the Istanbul biennial. Turkey
2003“Utopos“. Tirana-biennial. Tirana. Albania
2003“Invasion“. Dunkers culture center. Helsingborg. Sweden
2002"Electronic hot dog kitchen", performance. Frankfurt. Germany
2002Cétinje-biennale. Cétinje. Montenegro
2002“The Situationists“. Royal Academy. Stockholm. Sweden
2001"Xanadu". Gallery sculptor. Helsinki. Finland
2001Svenska Bilder Gallery. Stockholm. Sweden
2000"Light dialogue". Helsinki. Finland

Selected publications

2016Planet B. Ideas for a new world
2014Garageland Magazine 17. Society
2012Cabinet. Curiosity and Method.
2011Cat. Living. Louisiana Art museum
2009Diggers and Dreamers. Oyster Press.
2009Cat.What a wonderful world. Gothenburg Biennale
2008Dharavi- documenting informalities, ICE.
2008Cabinet Magazine-Issue 30. Paletten-Brasil Issue. Re-public magazine.
2005EARTH-collected footnotes
2003RECORDING N° ONE 25´12´´.(Coll proj on vinyl) Portikus
2003Cat. Tirana Biennale.
2002Cat. Gasthof. Portikus Frankfurt.


2017Winner of Celeste Art Prize for best film
20131 year London grant Iaspis/Gasworks
2011Swedish Art Council. Travel Grant
2009, 2016Two year working grant. Swedish Art Council.
2007One year working grant. Swedish art Council.
2006Swedish Art Council. Travel Grant
2003, 2005Research and development in the arts (KU)
2005Ida Unman, Axson Johnsson
1995Swedish-American Foundation


2001 – 2006MFA. Royal University College of fine arts. Stockholm. Sweden
2004 – 2007PGC. Art and Architecture.Royal University College of art.
2003 – 2004Staedelschule. Frankfurt. Germany
2000 – 2001Academy of fine arts. Helsinki. Finland
1998 – 2000Gerlesborg Art school. Stockholm. Sweden
1996 – 1997Basis Art school. Stockholm. Sweden


2017Public Artwork. Nya Sköndal. Sweden.
2010Playground project. Stockholm. Sweden
2000Nifca public work. Helsinki
Works in the collection of the Swedish Arts Council.


September 5 2022
Invited by LOKALE, die raum presents a one night event in collaboration with....


November 29, 2015 
A sculptural appropriation of Guy Debord’s board game Kriegspiel at Die Raum, Berlin.