The earthly paradise

Fotoparken, Gustavsberg

outdoor exhibition, art research
public art presentation
conceptual photographs
pictures in space

The Earthly Paradise – Moments of Innocence

“We must become gardeners in order to become gardens. When we know and feel that our life is a gift, we internalize the paradise, or garden, from which we originally expelled ourselves. And we bear fruit once more”, Emanuel Swedenborg.

Love Enqvist's photographic presentation for Fotoparken in Gustavsberg combines three research projects, which all – from different aspects – discuss the notion of an ideal co-existence on earth : The Cooperative Human, Magellania and Imaginary Gardens. The Cooperative Human is inspired by the history of Gustavsberg the  impact of the Swedish Cooperative on the folk home. It is an excavation of the archives and ideologies behind the design and architecture we live with today.