Lecture performance on the Maretopia raft 

Persistence, generosity, loss of control, network, desire, dreams, heterotopias and the edges of society - These are some of the things the water is a home and place of imagination for. The water is a connector, the parts drift by and drifting into place. Love Enqvist has on several occasions used both the water and own personal memories as a starting point in his artistic practice. He invites you on a performative twighlight journey, a physical and psychological drift, passing unresolved, hard-to-place fragments and fata morgana appearances of language and memory, movement and disappearance, travel and documentation using slides, text, mirrors and recorded sound. Life is flux and the journey aims towards a thought process on a story’s origin and destination taking place at this cinema/floating garden/raft in Stockholm.


Film installation at Färgfabriken

The one who doesn´t move is a short film that is cross cut between documentary material on Proa sailboats shot in Sri lanka by the artists father and Gregg who travelled with a raft (spirit of Nuka Hiva) 1975 to the Marquesas Islands from California. The trip was filmed by the skippers wife on 35mm but the footage seem to be lost. Today Gregg propagates for the Proa boat model that he claims could lead the world to a more sustainable future and independent living.

The one who doesn't move from love enqvist on Vimeo.