First time I met Henry was in 1987 while sailing with my father in the Swedish archipelago of Stockholm. Dad and Henry had known each other since the 60s.We had interests in common, such as music and kayaking.

In 2005, Henry and I met again. Prior to this my father had told me that Henry had become a sound therapist and also changed his name to ”Soludde” (sunny cape) after the place where he lived. In his crystal temple on Soludden, Henry had a collection of earth samples from various countries. Henry’s idea was that the essance of each country emits an individual frequency, and that he could tune in those frequencies. I met with him to talk about his work in relationship to my art. I carried out interviews and it turned out that the earth collection wasn’t yet complete.

So I became inspired to begin my own earth collection -- a collection of soils, a collection of pieces of the earth from countries around the world. Maybe it was an attempt to understand Henry’s project. I got in touch with friends, and friends of friends that were travelling or living abroad and asked them to send me earth. Through conversations with Henry, I had understood that his vision was ultimately to blend together the earth he had collected. I also learned that Henry’s earth collection was not yet complete, so I worked to complete Henry’s collection. 

 intrevju med Henry (mp3)  
Installation Mejjan Gallery. Room 1- with earth. Room 2- catalogue and architecture modell. Room 3- Henrys story in speakers
Installation Uppsala Art museum

MESSAGE FROM 2012. Strobe light and sound (11,2 Htz)